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The Tea Parties Aren’t About Taxes; They’re About How Our Tax Money Gets Spent

The director of polling at ABC News writes, “Today’s ’taxpayer tea parties’ may reinforce a sense of purpose among conservative activists – but at the moment they’re unlikely to resonate beyond. Recent polling shows little in the way of broad concern about taxes in general or Barack Obama’s approach to them.”

I would note that the tea parties are not so much about today’s tax rates, but the reckless runaway spending that is likely to prompt tax increases in the not-so-distant future.

Looking at ABC’s own poll, we see “Americans divide evenly, 49-48 percent, in their approval of the overall federal response to the economic situation” and “Americans divide by 49-47 percent on whether it’s more important to spend on economic stimulus or to hold down the deficit.”

So Obama’s approval rating remains high, when you ask about what he’s actually doing, separate from his name, you find the public much more evenly split. While reflecting that our body politic has largely become a cult of personality, we see that there are a significant number of voters out there have nagging doubts about the course of action being charted by Obama and congressional Democrats.


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