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Team Clinton: ‘To have two in a row suggests that this is amateur hour in formulating foreign policy.’

The Clinton campaign quickly organized a conference call with surrogates to beat up Obama for his adviser Samantha Power’s comments.

Wes Clark: The comments from Obama adviser Samantha Power are… “quite disturbing… It is going to take real strength of character to execute a pullback from Iraq and protect America’s interests in the region.”
Former State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin: Power is “probably the most influential fo his advisers, probably unlimited access to the candidate… She’s his Svengali, guru, whatever you want to call her… I feel sorry for her I know her she’s done great work on research into genocide. She’s a professor, she’s very passionate… I think her remarks were awful, but I feel sorry for her that she’s been put in a position where he can’t seem to run a foreign policy team the way it’s supposed to be run… In foreign affairs, words matter.”
“To have two in a row [referring to Powers and economics adviser Austan Goolsbee] suggests that this is amateur hour in formulating foreign policy.”
(Random observation from Jim: You realize the two advisers who have gotten Obama in trouble are named “Austan” and “Power”. If there’s another adviser named “Danger” on the campaign, they might as well let him go, too.)


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