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Team Hillary: ‘I cannot believe that imitating Kenneth Starr is the way to win a Democratic nomination.’

Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson and strategist Ann Lewis held a conference call this morning.
Howard Wolfson, on recent criticism from the Obama campaign: “I cannot believe that imitating Kenneth Starr is the way to win a Democratic election. But perhaps that theory will be tested.”
Asked about John Aravosis post pointing out that she demanded Rick Lazio release his tax returns, but she hasn’t released her tax returns for this year, Wolfson said, “For Hillary Clinton, over 20 years of tax returns are part of the record, every year she files the required Senate financial disclosure form. Her tax returns for this year (see below) will be put out around tax time. It will be part of the record on or around April 15.

Blogger Jane Hamsher gets on and asks whether the 3 a.m. ad is reinforcing a Republican message — “isn’t McCain ultimately the winner in that tactic”?
Lewis: “Republicans have a shameful way of using fear to divide us… I didn’t see our ad that way. I think our ad was a positive ad… We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that if we don’t say something, it won’t come up.”
Howard Wolfson: “Every president at some point in their tenure faces a serious national security crisis that is legitimate… You need somebody with the kind of experience and good judgement when that call comes.”
In response to a later question, Lewis adds, “addressing reality is not tearing anybody down.”
UPDATE: As I understand it, her tax returns for the entire post-2000 period will be released later this year. 


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