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Tedisco Calls IBM Seeking Stimulus While Laying Off Workers ‘Possibly Worse Than AIG’

Up in New York’s 20th congressional district, Republican Jim Tedisco is ladling out the populism with a heavy hand. His statement today:

Reports that IBM – which today cut thousands of jobs in Dutchess County – wants federal stimulus funds while outsourcing jobs from the Hudson Valley to India, is outrageous and possibly worse than what AIG tried to do. Stimulus funding was supposed to spur the creation of jobs – not aid companies that are outsourcing to a foreign country. This type of misguided priority is exactly why, back in February, I insisted to Governor Paterson that we needed 100 percent transparency and accountability in how federal stimulus funds were utilized. Scott Murphy rubberstamped this legislation – now it appears as if IBM is following his lead by creating jobs in India, not the district.

The report about IBM wanting stimulus funds can be found here:

IBM said its venture with International Broadband Electric Communications (IBEC), a company that provides broadband over power line (BPL) services, had begun to sign up Internet customers in rural parts of Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia and that it hoped to access more government funds.

The economic stimulus law signed by President Barack Obama included $2.5 billion for the Agricultural Department to expand broadband service in rural America.

I’m sure hitting companies that lay off workers is good politics, but after the pitchforks and torches were waved at AIG, the tone is getting a little tiresome . . .


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