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Terry McAuliffe, Trying on Other Jobs and, Apparently, Identities

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is a remarkably entertaining storyteller, but his mouth would seem to be the most dangerous this side of Joe Biden.

Now McAuliffe, who speaks almost entirely in exclamation points, is applying that same zeal to being a man of the people. As part of his campaign, he has spent a day working as a busboy and a bartender. He plans to labor on a ship. “I’ve been an African American barber,” the Irish candidate reported to his hosts at the landfill in Lorton yesterday. “You know, about three Saturdays ago, there was a grass fire out here,” he told the workers at the waste plant. “You know who was on the firetruck to put it out? I was! I was a fireman that day. . . . I got those hoses out so fast, you would not have a plant today if I had not been on that truck. Saved your plant. Probably saved Northern Virginia.”

Terry McAuliffe has “been an African-American barber”?


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