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Thanks, Media Matters for America!

The good folks at Media Matters for America were kind enough to clip my appearance on the Sean Hannity show last night, and put it in an easily-embeddable format.

MMfA writes that I and Sean claimed that “Obama ‘outsources’ his ‘Alinskyite’ plotting to Stewart, Colbert, and liberal blogs”, which is typically off by a couple iota. Sean had asked about Alinsky’s statement that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” and I noted that while we saw Obama taking a few jabs at his opponents in his White House Correspondent’s Dinner speech, the president generally doesn’t spend a lot of time ridiculing his opponents; that’s the aspect of Alinsky’s approach that he outsources to the Jon Stewarts, Stephen Colberts, liberal blogs, Bill Maher, etc. I’m not quite sure why it’s “outrageous” or “controversial” to note that the President doesn’t frequently mock his opponents and doesn’t need to do so, because his like-minded supporters in the media and entertainment spheres already do that.

I don’t know how productive it would be, but I would urge the folks at MMfA to listen a little more carefully in order to avoid mischaracterizing their opponents’ arguments. Nonetheless, I really do appreciate them posting the Hannity segment.

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