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There Are Bigger Issues Than Hunter Biden’s Profession, But…

How big a deal is it that one of Joe Biden’s sons is a lobbyist for drug companies? Not a huge deal, although it doesn’t reflect well on the Obama campaign that they were describing his profession as “lawyer.” Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are separate individuals, and it isn’t clear that the father is responsible for the career choice, or client selection, of his son.

But, this is a two-way street. If Joe Biden constantly invokes his son, Joseph “Beau” Biden III, who is going off to Iraq in October, then it would seem to be fair game to mention that the ticket that makes a big deal out of not touching lobbyists with a ten foot pole has family in that particular business.
UPDATE: Regarding the allegations he defrauded his partners out of millions, again, the father doesn’t control the son, but he also doesn’t necessarily deserve credit for the noble actions of the other son. The allegations that Senator Biden wanted to get his son out of the lobbying business is more intriguing. Joe Biden denies it, but if accurate, what about his son’s lobbying did he think would be detrimental to his political ambitions?


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