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‘There are some things your money shouldn’t buy, but that’s not gonna stop him from trying.’

There’s good news and bad news coming from the RNC these days.

The good news is that they’ve produced a pretty funny web video:

The Air Force One fly-by is probably going to be the biggest and easiest target for a long time.

The bad news is this inane resolution declaring the opposition party to be the “Democrat Socialist Party.” (Credit where it’s due, Michael Steele is opposed to this idea.) This is separate from whether or not “socialist” is a legitimate way to describe the agenda of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats. The problem is that among the voters the GOP wants to win over, the word “socialist” evokes old men in big furry hats watching parades of nuclear missiles while Migs fly over. These voters will tune this argument out as ridiculous, no matter how much it may accurately fit when the government is firing CEOs, cutting advertising budgets, seeking to set wages in an entire sector, etc.

I’d argue: Skip the label and go straight to pointing out why these are bad ideas — a government that can’t realize that flying a jetliner low over lower Manhattan is a bad idea, or one that sends $250 checks to 10,000 dead Americans, has no business determining how much money a car company should spend on advertising.

President Obama keeps insisting that he doesn’t want to run the American auto industry, but his adminstration keeps getting more and more involved in the decisions of those companies. He doesn’t want this power the way I don’t want that last doughnut.


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