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There Can’t Be That Many Wavering Obama Supporters in Ohio

A couple readers write in about yesterday’s mystery of the missing early voters in Ohio, speculating that the reason turnout in early voting was so low was that voters, deep down, have nagging doubts about Obama. I don’t doubt that’s true for some voters, but Obama’s support among certain demographics – young people, urban liberals, African-Americans, etc. — doesn’t appear to be wavering in the slightest, and you figure that enough of those folks would participate in early voting – particularly with the Obama campaign in the state pushing them! — to amount to more than, say, four-tenths of one percent. Instead, it’s less than even that low, low bar.

So are there just a lot of folks who are diehard Obama supporters, but who weren’t interested in early voting?

Or are Americans just attached to the idea of voting on Election Day?


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