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There’s a Spot on McCain’s Forehead. Nobody’s Worried Except Drudge, Apparently. (UPDATED)

I would put more faith in the shocking headline from Drudge if he quoted anyone with any medical background, or anyone with even the remotest connection to Sen. John McCain suggesting it’s a reason for concern. As it is, all we are told is that it “is raising concern among campaign watchers.”

Well, sure, now it is, because it’s the top headline on Drudge.
UPDATE: Talked to my McCain guy. Turns out the senator bumped his head getting out of a helicopter early in his trip to Iraq, and so the mark is either a bruise or a cut from that incident. McCain’s last health checkup relating to melanomas, etc., was in January, and he checked out fine.
So – who sold Matt Drudge on such a big fat nothingburger of a story, that just happened to revive concerns about McCain’s health when he was on a plane on his way back from Iraq and unable to respond directly?
I am told that the “big three” television networks all deluged the McCain camp with inquiries about this story, with little or no skepticism…
ANOTHER UPDATE: Good God, the London Times has just written the headline:

Cancer fears cap bad week for McCain as he looks for old magic

I guess they really operate with different rules of journalism over there.

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