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They Just Don’t DeGette It

From the last Morning Jolt of the week:

His Vote Is Like a Javelin, or a Bronze Tiger . . . Okay, I’m Out of ‘Suicide Squad’ References

Congressman Frank Kratovil, Democrat of Maryland, announced today that he likes his current job, does not wish to be involuntarily retired, and thus will vote against the health care bill. (Those first two statements were implied.)

We on the right might grumble about our leaders, but time and again I’m left wondering, how on earth did Nancy Pelosi end up the Speaker of the House? Even if you were a liberal, would the maniacally-eyed malfunctioning Talking-Point-Bot become your top pick out of about two-hundred and fifty House Democrats? I ask this because with disturbing regularity, Pelosi deals with difficult but garden-variety press questions by asserting something that is 180 degrees the opposite of reality, and then dig in her heels. I’m thinking of the 400,000 jobs created immediately by the health care bill, the Catholic teachings on abortion, or that the CIA lies to Congress all the time.

Today her way of handling the problem of the rebellion of Bart Stupak and the other pro-life Democrats was to declare, “Let me say this: This is not about abortion!” Ma’am, to them it is. And until they get language that assures them that federal money will not be used to facilitate abortions, they’re not going to sign on. This can’t be as hard to grasp as you make it seem.

Then again, when your other options include Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado, maybe your average House Democrats shrug and take their chances with San Fran Nan. AllahPundit at Hot Air finds a gem from DeGette, suggesting that either the DeGette thinks her audience is stupid or that she herself is stupid: “Speaking of which, the leader of the House’s pro-choice caucus insists that Stupak is bluffing about having the votes to sink the bill, but I’m getting a distinct Bob-ish vibe from her too. Quote: ‘He says he has 10 or 11 people who will vote no, but a lot of those people voted no the first time, but there are also a lot of other people who voted no the first time who now want to support the bill,’ she said. Er, no, not ‘a lot of those people’ voted no the first time. In fact, none of them did. But never mind that. Who are these many no votes she claims are now ready to flip to yes? Give us one name. One.”

Pelosi insisted yesterday that “we will pass the bill and . . . we will pass the bill.” It’s not surprising that a woman who appears physically incapable of blinking would be so hell-bent on brinkmanship, but I keep doing the math, and like AllahPundit, I see a lot of “yes” folks making noises about flipping to “no” – including one certain with Cao, and a couple of near-certain like Stupak and Oberstar — but have yet to come across a “no” flipping to “yes.” (The closest is Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, who’s saying things like, “The bill that appears is going to be brought forward is better than the bill I had to vote on in the House.” Of course, 58 percent of the voters in his district say they’re less likely to vote for a representative who supports a bill that funds abortion.)

By the way, everything we said about Rep. Nathan Deal, Republican of Georgia, in an earlier edition of this letter? Never mind. Eric Cantor’s response to Nathan Deal saying he’ll stick around Capitol Hill until the health care bill is resolved: “When dealing with legislation of the size, scope, and cost of the Democrats’ health care overhaul, every Member of Congress should be listening to his constituents and representing their viewpoints. Nathan Deal is doing just that, and I join many Georgians – and Americans – in praising his decision.”

Fascinating Choice of Dates From a Guy Who Never Discouraged the ‘Messiah’ Hype

When I heard someone declare that Hill Democrats were unlikely to meet their Easter deadline, I couldn’t help but think, “boy, sometimes His ways aren’t that mysterious.”

Rush is on a similar wavelength: “So he wants Obamacare passed on Easter.  Do you realize this guy ruined our summer, this guy ruined our Thanksgiving, this guy ruined our Christmas, and now he’s going to ruin our Easter by trying to ramrod something nobody wants down their throats — and on Easter!  There’s something very symbolic about that. I’m going to get to that.  Obamacare was born on Christmas Eve, and now they want to resurrect it on Easter.  Some might say that the bill was conceived on Christmas Eve but the template will fit a messiah if it passes.  How better to portray yourself as a real messiah if your signature issue is born (or conceived, whatever) on Christmas Eve, and dies and then is resurrect on Easter.”

I think if the Democrats haven’t dropped this hot potato by St. Patrick’s Day, everyone’s Irish will be up.

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