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They Still Love You Somewhere, Mr. President!

Back in 2008, I noticed how Barack Obama tended to spend only a short time in each elected office before concluding he couldn’t enact the “real change” he dreamed of, prompting him to set his sights on some other, higher office. Only 16 months after being elected to the state legislature, he announced a bid for the U.S. House. Two years after losing that bid, he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in September 2002, an entire 19 months before the Democratic primary. He served in the U.S. Senate for roughly two years before announcing his presidential campaign. In the 112 months between September 1999 and November 2008, Obama was campaigning for higher office in 52.6 percent of those months.

So the obvious joke then was, if Obama is tiring of the presidency, where could he go next?

Today we have the answer: Canada.

If Canadians could vote in the U.S., President Barack Obama would snag a second term in the White House in a cakewalk, a new poll indicates.

The Abacus Data survey suggests 55% of Canadians polled think Obama deserves to be reelected in November 2012. Only 18% of respondents feel the president shouldn’t get [another] term.

In comparison, a recent U.S. poll suggested just 42% of Americans want Obama around for four more years.

He could probably handle the cold winters; he’s from Chicago.


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