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Those Darn Dishonest Staff-Written Press Releases!

During a debate in Iowa Saturday, Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley declared, “I’ve never met Michael Bloomberg.”

Er, Congressman, either you’re lying now or your office was lying back in 2010:

Today, Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) spoke at the No Labels launch event held at Columbia University in New York City. The event was hosted by No Labels, a nonpartisan organization committed to encouraging leaders to move past the political labels placed upon them in an effort to seek common sense solutions to our nation’s problems. Students, citizen leaders and elected officials, on both sides of the political spectrum, gathered today with the hopes of starting a movement where people are able to move past the extreme partisanship and towards a creative, productive dialogue aimed at solving the challenges we face.

Joined by a bipartisan group of current and former elected officials, including Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), among others, Braley called for politicians on both sides of the aisle to come together and “realize that we are most effective as a nation when we help people, not by abandoning our principles, but by coming together and having a rational, adult conversation about how we solve complex problems.”

Bruce Braley’s backers now insist the press release was the lie, and that Bloomberg was not in attendance of the event:

UPDATE: And now we know the Braley backers are factually incorrect in their categorical denials. Bloomberg was at the event; it may be that Braley and he never crossed paths:


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