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In a Three-Way Race, 33 Percent Looks Like a Lot

Perhaps we should just recognize that special House elections in New York are usually bad news for the GOP. Besides the somewhat disappointing loss earlier this year, the outlook in the November special election looks pretty grim, unless you’re pulling for the Democrat.

A new poll out puts Democrat Bill Owens at 33 percent, Republican Dede Scozzafava at 29 percent, and Doug Hoffman, running as the nominee of the Conservative Party, at 23 percent.
Righty bloggers tell me this is good news for Hoffman, that he’s got all the momentum. The sense of the National Republican Congressional Committee is that Hoffman can’t win, he can only ensure Scozzafava loses. No matter how this shakes out, I have a hard time seeing either Hoffman conservatives or Scozzafava Republicans feeling warm and fuzzy towards the other after Election Day.
After running some ads against Hoffman, it’s worth noting the NRCC is hitting the Democrat with new ads:


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