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Throwing Money at a State or District Doesn’t Create a Thriving Economy

If pork were stimulative, the nation’s economic engines would be West Virginia, Alaska, Alabama, John Murtha’s district in central Pennsylvania, and David Obey’s district in northwest Wisconsin. In fact, some of those are among the most economically depressed areas of the country.

Rasmussen puts the support for the “stimulus” at 42 percent; Hotline shows a weird double sample, one putting support at 54 percent, another 66 percent. I guess with the explanation of the bill they include in the question, support goes up. The question, obviously, does not include sod for the National Mall, smoking deterrence, “community building” by ACORN, etc. . . .

Mark Blumenthal: “So, going back to the results in yesterday’s post, we know something about where public opinion on ‘the economic stimulus’ is now, and ‘tepid support’ is about the right phrase to use. Knowing where public opinion may be in a month or in six months, however, is very hard to predict.”


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