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Tim Burns Can Catch Fire in This Environment


Buoyed by an electorate that is exceptionally sour on national Democrats, Republican Tim Burns has a 44-41 lead over Democrat Mark Critz in the special election to replace John Murtha in the House . . . Tipping the balance in a race where each candidate is pretty well liked may be the way voters in the district feel about a number of key Democrats – Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Arlen Specter, and Ed Rendell are all exceptionally unpopular. Obama’s approval rating is just 33 percent to 57 percent disapproving, only 24 percent have a favorable opinion of Pelosi to 64 percent with an unfavorable one, 28 percent of voters approve of Specter to 60 percent who don’t, and 24 percent give Rendell good marks to 63 percent unhappy with him. Those aren’t the sorts of reviews that bode well for the district electing another Democratic politician.

This factor may be key:

Republicans have the enthusiasm on their side in this race as well. 57% of GOP voters say that they are ‘very excited’ about voting in the special election while just 38% of Democrats express that sentiment.

Tim Burns is having a money-bomb.


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