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Tim Kaine, Aiming for the Senate in 2012

As noted in the Corner, Tim Kaine is in.

Peter Hamby of CNN notices that the words “DNC” and “Obama” do not appear in the announcement video.

Pat Mullins, the chairman of the Republican party of Virginia, welcomes Kaine to the race:

For the past two years Tim Kaine has been President Obama’s biggest advocate in Washington.  From the failed stimulus packages, to the budget busting spending bills that have increased our national debt at record levels, Tim Kaine has been there every step of the way making the case for a bigger and more intrusive federal government. 

Now he wants to return to Virginia to run for the U.S. Senate.  I do not believe the people of Virginia want another big spending Senator in Washington, and that is exactly what Tim Kaine would be.  They want someone who will work to cut spending, reduce the size and scope of the federal government, and bring fiscal responsibility to Congress.

UPDATE: I would urge all Campaign Spot readers to put aside any partisan or ideological differences with the new candidate and visit his web site,

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