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Is Tim Kaine’s Decision Coming Soon?

This little bit of news is likely to . . . er . . . well, I was going to say, “raise some eyebrows,” but maybe I should avoid that metaphor in references to Tim Kaine.

Former Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is expected to speak with President Barack Obama in the next day or two before deciding whether to re-enter elective politics and run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic incumbent Jim Webb in 2012.

In a brief conversation with the Richmond Times-Dispatch Tuesday morning, Kaine, Obama’s handpicked chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said he could discuss the issue with the president as early as today.

UPDATE: A quick way of how to think of this meeting: Obama wouldn’t bother to talk to Kaine to discourage him from running, so it’s pretty likely Obama will ask him to run. And since Kaine’s current day job is head of the Democratic National Committee, appointed by Obama and effectively serving at his pleasure, the chances of Kaine turning down Obama’s request that he run are slim to none.


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