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Tom Tancredo at the Family Research Council Summit

Tom Tancredo seemed to eat his Wheaties this morning, and followed it with a dozen espressos, before speaking to the Family Research Council Summit.

“We need a candidate who believes in strong national defense because our enemies are psychopaths and our allies are the French.” That line would have felt better before Sarko got into office and started warming to U.S. policy.

Perhaps Tancredo was reading the Corner last night and this morning: “We need a candidate who believes in enforcing the law on immigration because the first part of illegal immigration is illegal.”

“Conversions are supposed to happen on the road to Damascus, not the road to Des Moines.”

A reference to Ramos and Compeon got a standing ovation, while Brownback’s mention that (paraphrased) “everyone has dignity, even immigrants who come here illegaly” got what I would describe as muted, polite applause. (In other words, I don’t  think the crowd’s hearts were with Brownback’s view, but he’s got such street cred with this audience on other issues they wouldn’t dream of embarrassing him by booing him.)
“The conservative movement is not supposed to choose a candidate; they’re supposed to produce one.”
UPDATE: Check out Byron York for an alternative take.


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