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A Truly Tasteless Metaphor

Wow. I know things in the Democratic Party are tense, but this metaphor from the guys at The Economist seems a bit over-the-top:

The Democrats are all too aware that their civil war could spell disaster. A cavalcade of senior Democrats, including senators Patrick Leahy and Chris Dodd, have advised Mrs Clinton to retire to her room with a glass of whisky and a loaded revolver.

Come on, guys. Besides the awful implied suicide metaphor, there’s no way anyone would phrase it this way, as I’m pretty sure all of those guys support gun control.
UPDATE: I’m told “Here in Britain, the expression ‘going into the library with a whiskey and a loaded revolver’ is so commonly used, especially in a political context, that it has no shock value at all.” Wow. I guess it’s more or less their version of “taking out behind the woodshed”, but it still sounds bloody to my ears on this side of the pond.

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