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Two Bits of Data Suggesting… Hillary?

Soren Dayton, writing over at The Next Right:

A very good source is telling me that multiple DNC members have told him that Hillary is the person. While not immediately intuitive, Clinton is the candidate who one can easily imagine helping with Barack Obama’s numbers. Which seem to be … in bad shape? Who else would fundamentally shift the numbers? You could see her bringing Democrats back home, etc., in a way that none of the other candidates could.
By the way, she would probably school most Republican VP candidates in the debates. And she and Bill know how to attack attack attack.

Meanwhile, arriving in my e-mailbox moments ago:

Hillary Clinton will campaign for Senator Barack Obama in Florida’s Orange County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County on Thursday, August 21.
In Orange County, Hillary Clinton will meet with officials from the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. Media may cover this event, but it is not open to the public.
In the afternoon, Hillary will attend a rally in Palm Beach County focused on why Barack Obama is the only choice for voters who care about issues important to women in this election.
Later Thursday, Senator Clinton will host an event with seniors in Broward County. 

The only thing is, if Hillary’s the pick, does she cancel and go up to Virginia with Obama, or does he cancel on Kaine and suddenly appear with her in Florida?


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