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Two Competing Theories About NY-20’s Absentee Ballots

MSNBC: “A top White House official tells us that the model shows they’ll win the absentees.”

Really, Axelrod? Really, Rahm? The Election Day turnout splits just about 50-50, voter registration splits in favor of Republicans, and it’s a special election, but they’ve got a model that says with certainty that Murphy got more votes through absentee ballots?

Conversely, a blogger who walked precincts for Tedisco argues, “Scott Murphy is so anti-military he tried to stop Harvard from having a ROTC program on campus while he was a student there and prevent military personnel from teaching classes. Knowing that, it is hard to imagine military members voting for him.”

That presumes those members of the military know about those Murphy stands . . . but we will see.

* I don’t know for certain that it’s David Axelrod or Rahm Emanuel, but they just seem like the two top White House officials most likely to claim to know the absentee-voting patterns in a New York congressional district.

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