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Two Days Before Election Day, Obama’s in . . . Bridgeport, Connecticut?

I like this ad for Dan Debicella, up in Connecticut’s 4th district.

One of my readers in that neck of the woods notices that if Obama is coming to this district two days before the election, Jim Himes must be in serious trouble:

President Barack Obama will visit the city Oct. 30 to campaign for the state’s Democratic candidates.

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes made the announcement Tuesday night at a Democratic Town Committee fundraiser held at Testo’s Restaurant.

“This is terrific news for the city of Bridgeport,” Mayor Bill Finch wrote in an e-mail. “President Obama is extremely popular in our city and his visit on behalf of our Democratic candidates will make a huge impact.”

I would say that if Democrats think the place Barack Obama can do them the most good the Sunday before the election is a D+5 district that he carried 60 percent to 40 percent . . . well, that says a lot right there.


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