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Two Good Lines, and Coming Attractions For Later

Man, some of my NR colleagues have eaten their Wheaties this morning.

First, Jonah in his column: “[Rudy Giuliani] has managed to take and hold onto an early lead, even with a record so littered with conservative red flags that it looks like one of those choreographed North Korean rallies.”

Second, Richard Brookheiser on Ron Paul’s followers (I nominate the nickname, “PaulBearers”) attacking Rudy Giuliani on the ferry: “Ron Paul is a pencil head, leading a jacquerie of wicked idiots.”


File those under, “lines I wish I had written.”


This afternoon, I depart for the Granite State, to join some left-of-center bloggers who will be covering John Edwards’ appearance at the MySpace/MTV Presidential Candidate Dialogue at the University of New Hampshire tomorrow.


The good people at MySpace have offered to cover my travel expenses to New Hampshire. They informed me that blogging about this trip was not a condition of attending the Presidential Candidate Dialogue with John Edwards, but insisted that if I did choose to write about it on the Campaign Spot, that I would disclose this relationship to my readers. If you see me posting “MySpace is the greatest… MySpace is the greatest…” in the coming days, then it represents my unvarnished opinion, or they have placed some sort of subliminal message device in my hotel room.


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