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Two Suburban Women Talking Linda McMahon? Ohhh, Yeah!

Maybe it’s me, but I think I would nominate this new Linda McMahon commercial for some sort of award in “Least Plausible Casual Conversation Among Friends.”

I suppose I should credit McMahon and her campaign for attempting to take on criticism about “the wresting stuff” directly.

If you survey suburban women voters in Connecticut about their views on professional wrestling, I can’t help but suspect that “not my cup of tea” will rank among the more mild responses. In this commercial, one of these suburban women seems suspiciously well-versed about “the traveling show world of professional wrestling.” In fact, if any of my friends, unprompted, began a soliloquy about the evolution of professional wrestling as a form of entertainment, complete with statewide job-creation numbers, I think I would ask if they were feeling all right.

Nonetheless, the closing tagline of “Oh, yeaaaahh” does appear to be a compelling pitch for the endorsement of the Kool-Aid Man.

UPDATE: A reader wonders if this was a really subtle reference to Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

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