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The Unasked Questions at Herman Cain’s Press Conference

Herman Cain has completed his press conference… which could have used questions like, “Did you rent or upgrade a hotel suite during the time period in question? If you did, why did you rent a luxury suite in a hotel in a city where you lived at the time?”

I am continuing to ask the Hilton if they have those records (it was 14 years ago). If he did not upgrade her suite as she claims, her credibility is damaged. If he did… his claims of not remembering everything about her will seem harder to believe.

Other questions that were not asked:

“When former colleagues ask you for help in finding a job, do you often take them to dinner, just the two of you?”

“Mr. Cain, how do you define ‘inappropriately’? Could those who worked under you define that term differently?”

“Are these the only two settlements with former employees in your career as a manager?”

Instead, reporters asked hard-hitting questions like, “Do you believe sexual harassment is real?” and asking Cain what he thought of Mitt Romney’s terse but disapproving comment about the allegations today.

In the discussion afterwards, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos emphasizes how much he likes Herman Cain, but notes that Cain said that there may be additional accusations to come and that those are untrue as well, a point he finds troubling.


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