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Unfortunate Word Choice of the Week

A rival campaign calls this GraniteGrok post about Fred Thompson to my attention, and I can’t help but wonder if the spotlight is urged because of a particularly unflattering word choice in describing the recent state of Thompson’s not-quite-but-soon-campaign:

Upon further nosing around, it has been rumored he really just leaked that they were thinking about announcing tomorrow that in the next few days, they’ll hint at leaking some info about a possible announcement to distrubute a video that might coyly hint about a leaked announcement that Fred Thompson is serious contemplating putting some thought into running for president.

Stop the Presses!

Now really. The better way to run a “non campaign” campaign is the way that Newt Gingrich and Al Gore are doing it. Either one could jump in and be an immediate contender, and they haven’t played the somewhat agitating game of “footsie” in the same way Fred has.

I think we’ve all heard enough about “footsie” this week. I suppose we should be thankful there have been no declarations that his campaign has “stalled.”

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