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As Usual, If You Object to the Left, You Get Called Racist

A. Serwer of the American Prospect calls me racist for objecting to Ifill.

You don’t have to buy into Dick Morris’ estimate (that Ifill’s book will sell 100,000 copies if Obama is elected and four if he doesn’t) to acknowledge that a book that “analyzes” (Serwer’s insistent term) “The Age of Obama” will sell a lot more if Obama is president than if Obama is just another former presidential candidate serving in the Senate. (Anyone see any books about “The Age of Kerry” in January 2005?) If McCain wins, there won’t be much of an “Age of Obama,” at least not for the next four years.
Serwer insists, “there is simply no way for conservatives to claim with any credibility that the book is “pro-Obama.”” Oh really? Just how critical of Obama does Ifill make it sound in this interview, where she talks about her subjects — Obama, Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Democratic Newark Mayor Corey Booker, and Democratic Alabama Congressman Artur Davis:

“They all chose to get into politics for the most upstanding of reasons, and they all have achieved much more than their parents could have hoped… This book is about a generation of people who took seriously the achievements that their parents fought for. They knew that Martin Luther King did what he did so that they could do what they’re doing. And they decided to follow through…”

Implicit in Ifill’s book proposal is the concept that Obama is more than another version of Geraldine Ferraro, a groundbreaking nominee on a major-party ticket who ultimately lost and became something of a historical footnote; it is that he and his name will define the age we are currently living in. If that’s not “pro-Obama”, what is?
This is what four years of the Obama presidency is going to be – if you object to anything the left wants, you will be called racist.


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