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Variation of an Obama Statement Expiration Date: A Commitment That Is Forever Put Off

Pres. Barack Obama, speaking on January 28:

And we will launch a sweeping effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government, and every American will be able to see how and where we spend taxpayer dollars by going to a new website called Because I firmly believe with Justice Brandeis that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I know that restoring transparency is not only the surest way to achieve results, but also to earn back that trust in government without which we cannot deliver the changes the American people sent us here to make.

And the news today:

More than two months after some of the funds were released, [] offers little detail on where the money is going.
Rather, the site mainly provides links to other government agencies and features press releases. A stimulus time line reveals government agencies will not be required to provide financial reports until May 15. The site doesn’t provide any kind of search function to scour the Web site for information either . . .

[Tom] Coburn noted that approximately $84 million was being spent to develop the Web site.


“For that kind of money, the administration should produce a top-notch Web site. Unfortunately, the product we have seen so far leaves much to be desired,” Coburn said.

Spending $84 million on a website that doesn’t have a search function, when its purpose is to “root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government.” Really, aren’t there any Obama supporters out there just the least bit embarrassed by this?


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