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Vice President Tommy Franks?

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times says three Republican presidential candidates are considering retired general Tommy Franks as their running mate. (HT: RedState)
Just thinking out loud here… Giuliani? Yeah, I could see that. McCain? Doubtful, as he’s been critical of the decisions made in the Pentagon after the invasion. Thompson? Maybe, although we have to wonder if his folks have been thinking seriously about running mates if they’ve got the late start they have. Romney? Yeah, that seems plausible. They might want somebody with military experience to balance out a governor.
Ron Paul? Uh, nope. (They’re also both from Texas, as I understand it.) Duncan Hunter doesn’t seem likely, as the veteran former chairman of the Armed Services Committee with a son in Iraq probably doesn’t need to shore up his military credentials. (Counterthought: These days, maybe a candidate wants a running mate who reinforces his strengths, to emphasize the importance of those qualities… For example, if Hillary’s been talking about the importance of experience on the campaign trail for two years, she won’t be able to pick out a running mate who doesn’t have a comparable level of experience….)
As a RedState commenter notes, Franks is on the board of Bank of America, which is on the anti-amnesty crowd’s enemies list, for offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers — typically illegal immigrants. So I think Tancredo’s a “no.”

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