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Vice President Whatshisname

CPAC excitement, Wolf Blitzer’s “OMG!” and a strange polling result are featured in the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt:

The Vice Presidency, a Key Part of the Federal Witness Protection Program

Hmmm: “Almost 30 percent (29.3 percent) could not accurately identify who the current vice president — Joe Biden — is. Almost one-quarter (23 percent) couldn’t remember who the vice president is; 3.3 percent supplied the incorrect name; and 3 percent named Dick Cheney.”

I’d love to see the crosstabs of those results with the right track/wrong direction numbers. Perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

And I’d love to know how many of those folks voted for Alvin Greene in the 2010 South Carolina Democratic primary.

Then again, Mediaite reminds us, “In 2010, a Pew Research Poll found that 41% of Americans could not identify Biden as Vice President.”

We shouldn’t underestimate how many Americans go through life utterly oblivious to current events in the news. I remember in the summer of 2001, walking down the streets of Washington D.C. a few blocks from the White House. A guy who seemed a little odd but not necessarily crazy asked me for directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’m going to say hello to Hillary!” he joked.

“Um . . . you may want to go the other way down Pennsylvania Avenue. Try the U.S. Senate.”

He stared at me blankly. Somehow, the entire Bush-Gore presidential campaign, election controversy, Supreme Court decision, and Hillary’s Senate race passed him by entirely.


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