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Virginia Democrats Hold Benefit for GOP’s McDonnell, Also Known as a Debate

The three Democrats running for governor in Virginia held a debate today, and probably supplied Republican Bob McDonnell with some good material for ads and for his eventual debate. From various Twitter feeds and the live-blog of the sponsoring Washington Post, some highlights:

Brian Moran: “I don’t have time to teach you the legislative process in Virginia, Terry. Nor to Virginians have time for you to learn.”

Creigh Deeds apparently said he doesn’t “understand where the laborers will come from” if the state does not welcome immigrants.

Deeds took up, McAuliffe’s frequent claim that he takes no money from Domnion, noting that it didn’t stop McAuliffe from having a fundraiser at a Dominion’s executive’s home

Deeds closed by saying he Virginians don’t want a governor who stands with Donald Trump and Wall Street (that’s Terry) or a governor who stands with lobbyists under federal investigation. (that’s Moran)”.

UPDATE: If McAuliffe is the nominee, this bit from the Post’s Fact Check will come in handy: “McAuliffe never created jobs in Virginia, despite claiming on the campaign trail that he started five businesses here. (McAuliffe did create five businesses in Virginia, but all are investment partnerships registered to his home address in McLean, and none has employees).”


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