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A Virginia Mailer that Features Rick Perry! Sort of . . .

One bit of “good” news for Rick Perry . . . for Virginia’s Democrats, he has now reached the “bogeyman” status of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. This flyer, paid for by the Democratic party of Virginia, just arrived in my mailbox.

(Allow firearms on Virginia college campuses? Gee, the current ban proved so effective at Virginia Tech.)

The ad is attacking Republican Miller Baker, who seeks to unseat incumbent Democrat state senator George Barker.

In Quinnipiac’s latest poll of Virginia, 22 percent of northern Virginians had a favorable impression of Perry, 52 percent had an unfavorable impression, and 24 percent hadn’t heard enough about him to have an opinion. My “Yuppie Acres” neighborhood of Alexandria is heavily Democratic and probably follows national politics more closely than other parts of the state.

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