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In Virginia, McDonnell Bashers Are Ignoring Tim Kaine’s Advice

A Democratic Governors’ Association-funded group called “Common Sense Virginia” just launched an attack web site on the Republican candidate for governor this year, Bob McDonnell. Among their sections is an attack on Pat Robertson.  Two things come to mind that I think y’all might be able to have national fun with:
An observer of Virginia politics asks two questions. First, he wonders if anybody at the DGA knows what the current Virginia governor, Democrat Tim Kaine, thinks of bashing Pat Robertson:

“The second thing that Democrats have to do better on is not attacking the ‘religious right,’” he said. “I think that has been a standard bogeyman that Democrats have often used in campaigns, including campaigns in Virginia. If somebody advances an idea or position that’s wrong, then attack them for having a bad idea. But they are not wrong because they are religious.

“When Democrats kind of cavalierly attack the religious right or go after Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, our candidates have sent the signal to a lot of religious people, ‘Well, I guess they are not interested in me.’ And I think this includes a lot of people who would fit very naturally within the Democratic Party.”

Perhaps stemming from his stance as a devoutly religious Democrat, Kaine carried Virginia Beach, the base of religious broadcaster Pat Robertson.
This observer asks, “Did the Democrats really think it wise to launch a religious attack on the first day of Passover, and Holy Thursday?”

Beyond that, I’m looking at the Photoshopped graphic at the top of the group’s page . . .

McDonnell’s disturbing ties, apparently, are to Jim Gilmore, who last ran the state in 2001; a retiree in Texas, a radio show host in Florida, a 79-year-old Virginia Beach resident, a retired Senator, and . . . I think the guy on the end is outgoing Virginia GOP chairman Jeff Frederick, whom McDonnell urged to leave his post.

Great selection, guys. Why not throw in Bernie Madoff, Terrell Owens, or the Somali pirates while you’re at it? (And come to think of it, how did Cheney and Palin not make it? And how many site visitors will recognize Frederick?)


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