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In Virginia’s Delegation, Don’t Bring Up the Health-Care Bill!

Noted in today’s Post:

[Robert] Gibbs scoffed at GOP warnings of disaster for Democrats in the fall. “Once it passes, we’re happy to have the 2010 election be about the achievement of health-care reform,” he said on “Fox News Sunday,” adding: “That’s obviously a debate we’re comfortable having.”

That’s funny, neither of my senators, Democrats Jim Webb and Mark Warner, have anything about the health-care bill on their Senate home pages.They talk about jobs, the military, crime, Haiti earthquake rescue teams – just about everything but the health-care bill. And neither of these guys is up for reelection this year.

Let’s take a look at the congressmen here in Virginia who are likely to face tough races this fall: Gerry Connolly of Fairfax County? Nope, nothing on the home page of his House site. Rick Boucher, of the state’s western corner? Nope, nothing on his House site’s main page. Glenn Nye of Virginia Beach? Nope, nothing on his front page, either.

Tom Perriello of Charlottesville? Well, he has a survey, and a short video of him on Morning Joe discussing a proposal to remove antitrust exemption for health insurers, making sure to mention that 150 House Republicans backed this legislation. But certainly nothing touting the most recent version that the House is expected to vote on in the near future.

Not even my congressman, Jim Moran (D-Embarrassment), features the health-care bill on his congressional home page, and he’s been a staunch supporter and he comes from a district where he usually wins at least 60 percent of the vote.

Robert Gibbs may be comfortable having this debate, but Virginia’s Democrats aren’t.

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