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Virginia’s Getting Expensive for Both Parties

The Democratic National Committee is committing another $1 million to the Virginia governor’s race, raising their total to $6 million.

The RNC is spending $7 million.

The winning party will look wise; the losing party will be left wondering if that money could have been spent better in next year’s races.

A couple of strange developments in the commonwealth in recent days. First, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Democrat Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, wrote a letter lashing Virginia’s current Democratic governor, Tim Kaine, because no state has been slower than Virginia in putting federal highway stimulus cash to use. The Democratic candidate for governor, Creigh Deeds, is left insisting that Kaine’s doing the best he can.

Also, it’s strange to hear the head of the Democratic Governors Association suggesting that his party has a better shot in New Jersey.


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