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Voters Getting Duplicate Ballots in Florida?

Campaign Spot reader Chuck in Pembroke Pines, Fla., shares a tale of voting this morning that is not all that surprising, and hopefully not too widespread, but dispiriting nonetheless:

Florida just can’t get it right . . . what a surprise, huh?

I vote in precinct X007, Pembroke Pines (Broward County). I was at the poll when it opened at 7 this morning. It was the usual senior citizen volunteer staffed situation. They struggeled with swiping our drivers license to get our names to come up. but God Bless the state, at least it tries to verify us. I was directed to the table for my specific precinct (there are 3 at this particular polling place) and received my paper ballot. I went to the booth, and filled out the first one – only two things to vote on . . . presidential primary, and a local city council race.

I then looked at the 2nd page/ballot, and all it contained was the SAME city council race. Why was I being allowed to vote twice for the city council race? I looked closely at the ballots, and it became obvious. What was SUPPOSED to happen was, if you were a Republican, you were supposed to get the ballot containg both the primary election as well as the local race. If you were a Democrat or Independent, you were supposed to get the ballot for the local race only.

When I went to feed the ballot in to the electronic tabulating device, they encouraged me to put both in. I questioned them, but no one had a clue about dual ballots. I raised hell, but no one seemed to care. I asked for a supervisor, but there was none; one of the volunteers said maybe they would call someone.

I considered making a scene, but really didn’t need to spend my morning getting hauled off to jail.

By the way, notice that this reader is complaining, rightfully, about a snafu that gives Republicans at this polling place the chance to vote twice.


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