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Walker: I Spent More on Healthcare Than Any Predecessor

With Wisconsin’s recall election season underway today, Governor Scott Walker is up on the air with a new ad:


The script:

Narrator: Scott Walker has provided more funding for healthcare than any previous Wisconsin governor. 

Governor Walker: Well, the truth is we added more than $1.2 billion to programs like this. 

Woman 1: Really?

Woman 2: A billion? 

Governor Walker: Yeah, in fact we added more funding for Medicaid programs like BadgerCare than any previous governor. And by becoming more efficient, we’ve been able to help more seniors, working families and our most vulnerable.

 Narrator: Scott Walker.  Investing in healthcare.  Leading Wisconsin forward.

I suppose this disrupts the “heartless miser” attack from Wisconsin Democrats, although it is a little odd to see a Republican incumbent running ads about spending more.


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