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Wall Street’s Favorite Senator Suddenly Loves Occupy Wall Street

Sen. Chuck Schumer, says that America has “tried the theory” that the country can prosper by shrinking government.

When was that, exactly?

Schumer also says that the flat economy will help Democrats in 2012, and that the Democratic Senator with closest ties to Wall Street is wholeheartedly embracing the Occupy Wall Street protests:

“It’s intuitive that we’re more interested in those issues, but obviously we have to focus on them like a laser,” Schumer continued. “If we do I believe the 2012 election, despite the economy being flat, is going to be a good one for us.”

Pressed on whether he thought Occupy Wall Street could become a liability for Democrats, as Republicans are trying to make happen by linking Dems to the protests, Schumer said focusing on the protests themselves misses the larger point.

“Occupy Wall Street has resonance far beyond the protests,” Schumer said. “Whether middle class people agree with the protests or not, the vast majority believes that they’re part of the 99 percent and that something should be done to help them.” Republicans who think this tactic will work with “swing voters,” Schumer said, are “inside their own bubble.”

This is the same Chuck Schumer who took roughly $8.8 million in campaign donations from Wall Street donors since 1989. The only political figures who have accepted more from Wall Street donors during their careers are Hillary Clinton ($10.3 million), John McCain ($10.5 million), George W. Bush ($13.3 million), and… Barack Obama, at $17 million.


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