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Warner’s Speech Torpedoes Kaine’s Chances? I Doubt It

The Post thinks that Mark Warner giving the keynote address at the Democratic convention gives us a clue as to the running mate.

Warner’s selection is unlikely to be good news for current Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who has been a finalist for the running mate job. The prospect of two Virginia governors giving speeches on successive nights at the convention is thought to be unlikely.

The Post quotes a Kaine source as saying the governor thinks he’ll get “the silver medal” in the veep race. 
I am not quite convinced that that would be the decisive factor, as opposed to, say, inanely inaccurate statements in defense of Obama in recent weeks. After all, two Virginians gave the response to the President’s state of the union two years in a row, Kaine and Sen. Jim Webb.
At the 2004 GOP convention, Rudy Giuliani spoke Monday night and George Pataki spoke Thursday before President Bush (in probably one of his best speeches ever). Bloomberg spoke as well. A multitude of New Yorkers didn’t seem all that inappropriate for a convention in New York City.
All in all, for a Democrat, Mark Warner isn’t that bad, as a speaker or as a face of the party. Or at the very least, as governor, he was very, very careful to avoid unpopular fights.


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