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The Washington Post Finally Finds an ACORN-Related Scandal: Hannah Giles’s Father

For the second straight day, the Washington Post covers news related to the release of the ACORN tapes — this time the House voting to cut off funds, although 75 members thought offering assistance to child-prostitution rings isn’t sufficient reason to cut off federal funding of the organization — and feels the need to emphasize a point about one figure’s parent.


O’Keefe, a self-described filmmaker, and Giles, the eldest daughter of a conservative Christian minister in Miami, visited ACORN offices in the summer.


Her father, Doug Giles of the radical Clash Church in Miami, had complained of what he called the evils of the Obama administration and its alliance with ACORN.

In an online opinion piece last month, titled “What Obama’s Town Hall Charade and Pam Anderson’s Breasts Have in Common,” Doug Giles complained of Obama’s “rent-a-mobs” at a health care town hall in New Hampshire. He claimed Obama could “summon a cabal at the drop of a red fez,” including “ACORN lug nuts ready to register Mickey Mouse” to vote.

Ron Robinson, director of Young America’s Foundation, where Hannah Giles spent the summer learning about how to be a journalist from conservative media experts, said Doug Giles has reason to be proud of how he has raised his daughter.

How on God’s green earth is what Giles’s father does for a living or his religious views relevant? ACORN’s caught offering to help set up an underage brothel in Tijuana, yet the Post finds the most fascinating angle is that the preacher’s kid is dressing provocatively.

They really don’t want me to buy this paper ever again, do they?

UPDATE: A distinguished colleague’s distinguished wife offers some must-read analysis.


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