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We Give Away the Store to Iran as They Practice Sinking Our Ships

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We Give Away the Store to Iran as They Practice Sinking Our Ships

Connect the dots.

What Iran’s doing:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard used a mock U.S. aircraft carrier in its defense drills for the first time Wednesday, blowing up the replica warship near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

State TV footage showed missiles being fired at the carrier nearly a year after the U.S. Navy disclosed Iran was constructing a replica ship. The full-scale model was attacked by cruise and ballistic missiles as well as rockets fired from speedboats, according to Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency.

“The message of these wargames is that others should pay good heed to the point that they should not take any action near the Islamic Republic’s security circle,” Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Guard’s chief commander said, according to Fars. “We believe (Iran) to be the defenders of the Strait of Hormuz’ security and showed this in our wargames today.”

The drills, dubbed the “Great Prophet 9,” also involved shooting down drones and planting mines, Fars reported. The Guard’s navy commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi told Fars that the nation’s mine-laying capability is “the most important concern of the Americans.”

“We have the most advanced sea mines which cannot be imagined by the Americans,” he added.

Last month, Fadavi said his force is capable of sinking American aircraft carriers in the event of war, the Associated Press reported.

Here’s apicture of it from their propaganda agency — er, I’m sorry, their “independent news agency” affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.


Here’s our current position:

Edging toward a historic compromise, the U.S. and Iran reported progress Monday on a deal that would clamp down on Tehran’s nuclear activities for at least 10 years but then slowly ease restrictions on programs that could be used to make atomic arms.

One variation being discussed would place at least a 10-year regime of strict controls on Iran’s uranium enrichment. If Iran complied, the restrictions would be gradually lifted over the final five years.

One issue critics are certain to focus on: Once the deal expired, Iran could theoretically ramp up enrichment to whatever level it wanted . . . 

No Shinola, Sherlock.

In other words, we’re making bigger concessions to a regime, so they can keep their existing nuclear program in place for ten years — presuming they don’t cheat! — and then give them permission to bring it up to weapons-status shortly thereafter . . . and as we’re giving them this deal, they’re practicing blowing up our aircraft carriers.

Are you kidding me?

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry go into these negotiations aiming to protect their legacy; the Iranians go into it aiming to protect their nuclear program.

In these negotiations, who’s in charge of protecting the rest of us?

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