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The Week Ahead in the World of Fred

Tomorrow, Fred Dalton Thompson is in Tennessee, checking out potential campaign headquarters space. Don’t expect an announcement. The building has a state office of Lamar Alexander; the thinking is that perhaps some of the folks in the building got their hopes up a little bit about the significance of FDT’s appearance on-scene.

Wednesday, it’s South Carolina, for a state party event at the Clarion Town House Hotel in Columbia.
Thursday it’s New Hampshire, for another state party event. I’m told to expect a diner drop-in or some other public appearance, demonstrating that for all the nifty rapid-response videos and Twitter messages, the candidate can still do old-fashioned campaigning, shaking hands and kissing babies.
UPDATE: It’s easy to forget that Nevada is now one of the early states this year, and good news for Thompson here: Mason-Dixon has Thompson ahead. FDT 25, Romney 20, Giuliani 17, McCain 8.


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