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Well, Eric Holder Can’t Call That Guy ‘Cowardly’

The incomparable Amy Holmes notices an interesting post on Obama’s Organizing For America site — the old Obama campaign site now run by the DNC. Someone is taking Attorney General Holder’s advice and not holding back when talking about race:

The real monkeys are the three Republican analyst that the Party has selectively placed in front of the camera to explain their wicked devices, Amy Holmes, Cook-eyed Ron Christie, and Michael sell-out Steele.  If you notice how they talk and what they are saying leaves me with the impression that the only thing that is missing from their reporting is a monkey grinder.

The three of them are like wind up monkey dolls that are programmed to say and think like their Republican counter-parts.

If the Republican Party members think that just because they put these three white around the mouth as Al Jolson Negro’s in front of the public, that this dismisses the fact that they are a racist regime, they are once again mistaken.

Interesting metaphor, in light of the controversy and protests surrounding the New York Post cartoon. I wonder if we’ll see protesters outside the DNC.

But hey, at least it’s not “cowardly”, right?

UPDATE: A thought — that New York Post cartoon could have avoided a great deal of controversy if one cop just had been saying to the other, “The chimp had gone nuts — attacking people, screaming, praising the stimulus bill . . .”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Presto-change-o, a few hours after my post, the offending text disappears. Moe Lane notes, “Kind of symbolic, really: treat the symptom, not the disease.


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