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Well, This Makes the ‘Undivided Jerusalem’ Flip-Flop Look Mild

Did Joe Biden threaten to cut off all U.S. economic aid to Israel in 1982?
UPDATE: This contrasts pretty poorly with his idea of giving $200 million to Iran right after 9/11. 
Can you picture the central Florida ad? “Joe Biden wanted to cut off all economic aid to Israel in 1982, when the Israelis were fighting rhe Abu Nidal Organization, the PLO, Syrian and Lebanese forces… [footage of Arafat, etc.] …But after 9/11, he wanted to give $200 million… to the Iranians! [footage of Ahmadinejad, threatening to wipe Israel off the map]. When a man is tougher on America’s friends than he is on our enemies… can you really trust him?”

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