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We’ve Heard This Before, Governor

Wait, I thought traveling around the state and repeating old news was the job of a governor.

An Iowa television station is getting a bit cranky with Gov. Chet Culver, noting that he’s traveling around the state, announcing old projects.

From the site:

But the projects he was promoting have already been announced back in August of 2009. So we asked the governor what was new about this announcement that justified the trip at a time when budget woes continue at the Statehouse. “We’re celebrating the fact that Newton and TPI have come here and created more than five hundred new green collar jobs,” Culver replied, not really answering the question . . . So we wondered whether that same information couldn’t have been conveyed with a statehouse press conference, or by putting it on the state website. That’s when the governor turned away and refused to answer any more questions.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that Culver is trailing by 16 to 20 percentage points to former GOP governor Terry Branstad.