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What the Coming Debates Will Sound Like

We have our answer to what the Romney-Ryan ticket will have to offer, and how President Obama and Vice President Biden will respond:

Paul Ryan, on the stump today: “Without a doubt, President Obama inherited a difficult situation. Here is the problem: he made it worse. We have seen a failure of leadership, a failure of leadership to get the economy growing, to create jobs, to get our spending and debt and deficit under control. What Mitt Romney and I are offering, the Romney/Ryan plan for a stronger middle class, is designed to get people back to work. It is designed to create jobs. If we get this economy growing like we know we can, we can create 12 million jobs in four years. Among those solutions we’re offering, our number one, make sure that we use our own energy because we have our own energy in this country. all of it. you have it all here in Colorado…. Last week when I was filling my truck up, it cost $100, and the only reason it cost $100 is because the pump cut me off at $100 because of the gas tank. Enough. We have our own oil and gas. We have nuclear, we have all of the above, winds, solar, coal, let’s use it. Let’s make our energy independence. Let’s create jobs. Let’s stop sending jobs overseas by buying oil overseas. You have the technology here, the wherewithal here, the oil and gas here.”

Joe Biden, on the stump today: “THEY’RE GOING TO PUT Y’ALL BACK IN CHAINS!”

Mitt Romney, on the stump today: “He’s for all the sources of energy that come from above the ground, none of the sources below the ground, like oil and coal and gas. I’m for all of the above, whether it comes from above the ground or below the ground. We’re going to take advantage of our energy resources to save your jobs, create more jobs, and, by the way, when we use our plentiful energy resources, our inexpensive carbon-based resources, you’re going to see manufacturing come back to America.”

Barack Obama, on the stump today: “Governor Romney even explained his energy policy this way: ‘You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.’ That’s what he said about wind power. ‘You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.’ I wonder if he actually tried that. I know he’s tied other things to his car.”

Ha-ha! A Seamus joke! Man, I’m sure the 23 million who are unemployed, working part-time because they can’t find work, or who have stopped looking for work will be laughing at that one for a long time.

This is your choice, America: an approach that Obama’s own debt commission co-chair calls “sensible, straightforward, honest and  serious” … or dog-on-the-roof jokes and an accusation of a return to slavery.


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