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For What It’s Worth, Another Poll Has Specter 42, Toomey 36

Another poll out today shows Toomey running closer to Specter:

PEG PAC, Pennsylvania’s oldest pro-business political action committee and the affiliated PAC of the Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC), today announced the results of a statewide poll that tested whether a well known conservative Republican or a well known right-of-center Republican can best challenge incumbent US Senator Arlen Specter who recently joined the Democrat Party.

In an automated poll of 1,019 households of registered voters taken at the end of last week, announced PBC President and CEO David W. Patti, “PEG PAC found that if the election for US Senate were held today, Tom Ridge could defeat Arlen Specter by a margin of 39 percent to 38 percent. The poll also shows Specter would defeat Pat Toomey by a margin of 42 percent to 36 percent.” The number of undecided voters in the survey is over 20 percent cautioned Patti, and the margin of error is +/- 2.8 percent, so the association leader said the results are not conclusive.

According to Patti, the survey conducted by Susquehanna Polling & Research and sponsored by the PEG PAC was undertaken to give the Pennsylvania and national business communities “a better sense of the new political landscape and a sense of our options.” PEG PAC does not make endorsements in federal elections, said Patti, but does have a long history of providing its members and the public with information and insight regarding campaigns.

When I saw it was sponsored by a PAC I was wary, but Susquehanna has been polling in Pennsylvania for a long time.