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Is This What Newsweek Meant When They Wrote Obama’s ‘Up to the Job’?

From today’s first post-cruise Jolt:

So This Would Make the 2010 Midterms a Landslide of Biblical Proportions, No?

Over in the New York Times, Jon Meacham, fresh off reducing the market value of Newsweek to one dollar, compares Obama to the Biblical Job.

I suppose this is what happens when the Times asks Meachum to write about “changes in Obama’s job approval.”

Over at Commentary, Rick Richman observes, “Meacham (who last year gave us the description of Obama as ‘sort of God’) has an essay in today’s New York Times Book Review entitled “Obama and the Book of Job,” a review of Robert Alter’s new translation of one of the most remarkable books of the Bible. This time, Meacham portrays Obama not as sort of God but sort of Job . . . As for Obama’s current problems, they do not seem biblical in proportion but rather simply those associated with the job he volunteered for and assured us he would solve (while bringing the sea level down). His situation seems less the work of a Cheney-like God than an illustration of the biblical admonition of what cometh before a fall.”

Over at Red State, Thomas A. Howe, Professor of the Bible and Biblical Languages, offers a detailed theological counter-argument, ultimately concluding, Obama is not like Job. Job was blameless and upright. Job feared God. Job held on to his integrity. Obama is no Job.”

I’m just tired of extremists like Meacham trying to turn this country into a theocracy.

Also, the entire first section is lessons from the cruise, high among them: “Karl Rove does a strikingly good Bill Clinton impresssion, and breaks into it with very little provocation.”

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