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What’s Rudy Giuliani Doing at an Event Honoring James Dobson?

Wouldn’t have predicted this speaker:

Oct. 20, 2007: The Family Research Council honors Dr. James Dobson in Washington DC. The event will caps the second annual Washington Briefing on values voter summit sponsored by FRC Action, Focus on the Family Action, American Values, and the Alliance Defense Fund. GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani (R-N.Y.) is scheduled to speak.

Meanwhile, Dobson tells Hannity:

[A Hillary presidency] will be terrible, Sean. That’s absolutely true. But you’re taking Rudy’s word on his intention to appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court, and I would like to remind you that he has a terrible record in New York of appointing judges. He appointed some of the worst possible judges.
And then there are so many other issues, the marriage issue, his personal moral background. He says he’s a Catholic. I know how you feel about that, and yet he says, “I will not be guided by the Catholic Church.”

Terrible on judges, but he gets an invite to the Family Research Council event honoring Dobson? Did FRC check with their honoree?
UPDATE: I’m told by FRC that Giuliani will be addressing the summit, but he was not invited to speak at the gala honoring Dobson.

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